$620 - $750

LZ-1500 Modern Cabinet Aquarium Fish Tank marine tropical freshwater 520L with LED lighting Our luxurious range of premium cabinet aquariums’ are manufactured with an amazing curved glass front edge, providing an uninterrupted 180 degree view of your tank inhabitants. Supplied with built-in hood filtration and (4x) 20w LED light tubes, each unit comes complete with an elegantly designed high-quality matching cabinet. Suitable for freshwater, tropical and saltwater marine fishkeeping. We are now retailing our LZ series of fish tanks with LED lighting in place of T8 tubes. These are low wattage and highly economical compared to their T8 counterparts, providing similar brightness for less running costs. The T8 model's ran at 160w total, whereas the LED model's will run at a much reduced 80w total! This range of fish tanks are available in the following colours / configurations; All Black (Hood, trim and cabinet) All White (Hood, trim and cabinet) Black hood with Birch trim and cabinet Black hood with Rosewood trim and cabinet Black hood with Mahogany trim and cabinet Please see the following colour chart; PLEASE NOTE; The shade of rosewood and birch used on these cabinets being different to the shade of rosewood and birch used on the fish tank rims. Features Built-in hood filtration and LED lighting High-quality elegant finish 180 degree viewing area